The Peppers Belvedere marquee...

Belvedere System

This versatile design uses the Peppers Freespan™ technology to offer a marquee that from the outside has the distinctive look of the tall centre pole hexagonal tents of more elegant times. While the inside is a pole free clear space. The Belvedere can be used as a single information point, as a bandstand, a retail unit or stylish entrance hall.

Belvedere marquees can be locked together to create a visually pleasing tented village that is perfect for so many different events, exhibitions and celebrations. Constructed from high impact anodised aluminium, complete with a boarded floor fitted to an integral steel sub-frame.

  • Belvedere marquees come in a set of sizes that allow a flexible interior space to be created.
  • The interior can be lined in a variety of styles and colours.
  • It can be fitted with solid boarded floors.
  • Carpeting and other flooring can be laid.
  • Heating and cooling options are available.
  • Lighting, power supply and other service options are available.
  • The perfect solution to house full-scale kitchens and catering equipment