Peppers go up to the top for Selfridges...

Freespan on Selfridges roof London

One of the key events in the annual London Restaurant Festival was to give a home to Pierre Koffmann. Known as one of the few London based chiefs to have earned three Michelin stars. The concept was to provide Pierre with a venue for two week’s where he could recreate the menu’s from his celebrated La Tante Claire restaurant.

Selfridges in the heart of the West End was seen as the perfect location for this London Restaurant Festival “pop-up” venue. However with space in the store at a premium it was decided to investigate opening a pop-up roof restaurant for the event. An idea that would not only let the lucky diners sample Pierre Koffmann’s cooking but see a panorama of London few have seen before.

To create the venue the organisers turned to the Peppers team to deliver a temporary structure that would house the restaurant. The studio would need to be complete with kitchens and guest services. The Peppers solution required a great deal of skill and expert planning, not only to cope with the dangers of working high but with the uneven rooftop site.

With the restaurant fully booked the Peppers team had to have the structure delivered, in place, dressed and functioning on time. No mean feat when the project required that Oxford Street would need to be closed to enable a crane to be brought into the West End to lift all the equipment required. Opened on time the restaurant was a spectacular success.

Selfriges London
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