Warehousing or Storage

Easily the most common use for our temporary buildings can be found in customers` needs for extra storage space during seasonal stock demands, or as weatherproof stock and equipment storage during refurbishments or modifications to permanent warehouses. We have also supplied temporary storage for agriculture where crops can be cleaned and stored to dockside accommodation to keep export products dry before loading.

Temporary offices and Operational space

Peppers temporary buildings can instantly offer the solution to the need for extra workshops, training facilities, packing areas, servicing areas, car parks or inside other production units where processes need to be separated.


Car showrooms, seasonal food halls, factory outlets, and temporary supermarkets you name it Peppers can cover it with a temporary building.

Emergency Buildings

When fire, flood or storm damage hits your operation, the first call after the clear up begins is for temporary buildings that can protect your staff, your stock and valuable equipment and allow you to continue trading. A call to Peppers will result in im immediate action and a proven solution that will get your enterprise up and running quickly and safely.

Transport and Logistics

Peppers Freespan temporary buildings are ideal as transport or logistics units, large enough to house a fleet of any size and with lighting the building can offer the operator a 24-hour operation. Equipped with floors, windows, lighting and heating, the Peppers freespan system can be adapted for temporary use by public service transport operators giving protection from the elements when permanent buildings are temporarily out of use.

Military and Civilian

The need for secure environments to house personnel while training or equipment while it is being serviced or where an enterprise needs large weatherproof cover for electronic or other sophisticated equipment.


Maintaining schedules in the construction industry can rely on keeping the vital building materials and equipment dry and available.The adaptable solutions provided by Peppers mean you can build a storage area in almost any location.

Sport, Educational and Leisure

The large open areas offered by the Freespan adaptable buildings are perfect for sports events or training. Peppers temporary buildings have served as many types of venue fitted with windows, doors, floors and lighting. Located on the playing fields they can also protect young athletes from the elements while permanent facilities are being built or refurbished.