Peppers Marquees Limited is committed to leading the marquee rental and event industries in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and in implementing practices that promote high standards of social responsibility. The key points of its strategy to achieve these goals are:


  • Source raw materials from suppliers that share our vision of minimising the environmental impact.
  • Minimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of a modern, well maintained and efficient vehicle fleet.
  • Minimise waste by continuously evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Maximise re-use and re-cycling opportunities both internally and with external partners.
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that applies to our Company and our wider industry.
  • Measure our impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement.

Social Policy

  • Promote safe and healthy working environments at both our permanent facility and on temporary sites. We will provide regular training and provide Personal Protective Equipment. We will promote safe working practices with the aim of eliminating accidents.
  • Wages and salaries will be paid at market rates and in accordance with prevailing legislation.
  • Company owned and rented staff accommodation will be vetted and regularly inspected.
  • The Company operates an equality policy which will not tolerate discrimination. Our grievance procedure supports this stance.
  • The Company is committed to working with its local communities and will, where possible, support projects and organisations which are consistent with its Brand and Corporate values.

The aspirations detailed in this Policy are neither fixed nor exhaustive. Peppers Marquees recognises that change can occur quickly and this policy will be reviewed at least annually in order to ensure that our stated intentions remain appropriate to the conditions within the communities in which we operate.