Peppers, the choice when you need to know it will work...

Our reputation for professionalism has meant that Peppers has become the marquee company of choice for many of today’s leading event planners and individuals who know just how important using the right partner is to making their event go without a hitch. Planning, logistics, engineering skills and a calm measured approach are the extra factors that our long experience brings to every event. Take a look at our portfolio and you will see some of the challenging projects that are continuing to help build our reputation.

Not all Marquee companies are the same

In today’s market choosing the right company to provide a marquee solution can be difficult as everyone seems to offer a similar service. It is worth checking that the company you choose has the right equipment, experienced people and know how to get the job done without damage to your property or your reputation.

Peppers bring the same level of expertise to a wedding celebration in a small garden that they use on larger projects.

A team with the know how

We are proud of our professionalism and innovation. Peppers marquees were one of the first to invest in and develop aluminium-framed structures that offered clients a marquee with no interior poles. The Peppers Freespan™ range has been copied but never equalled. Our skilled marquee installation teams work quickly, quietly and efficiently using the most up to date equipment. This includes vehicles designed to be used on grass and soft ground..

News of your event is safe and secure in Peppers hands

Our clients understand that they can trust Peppers to respect their privacy. They know we will carry out any project with professionalism and discretion. Peppers have the experience to understand the need to restrict press access to individuals’ private events and the security needed to protect the integrity of new collections from fashion houses and the element of surprise needed to effectively launch a new product.